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PASSPORT Program Supports Independence at Home

Thursday, February 25, 2016
by Gwynn Stewart

Photo: PASSPORT consumer, Evelyn Dement (shown center) credits her
Interim Home Health Nurse, Melissa Dobbins, RN, (at left) and her PASSPORT
care manager Veronica Norman, LSW, for helping keep her at home, where
she prefers to be.
At home in her apartment in Roseville is where Evelyn Dement prefers to be. And, the Ohio PASSPORT waiver program, administered locally by the Area Agency on Aging 8, is one supportive resource that helps her stay there.
Eveyln was born and raised in Perry County. As the second of seven children, she began her own life as a caregiver early on.
“I had to help with my brothers and sisters because my mother worked,” shared Evelyn. “I worked with Interim as a home health aide until I turned 72, and my own mother needed more in-home care.”
PASSPORT is helping families in the region providing In-Home care for eligible seniors 60 years of age and older. Funded through Medicaid, last year PASSPORT allowed about 1,150 seniors in the AAA8 eight-county region remain at home for a fraction of the cost of nursing home placement. PASSPORT is designed to promote independence for individuals at home with long-term care needs such as: personal care; home maker services; home medical equipment; respite services; home delivered meals and minor home modifications, to name a few.
“I couldn’t live alone without these two,” said Evelyn, of her PASSPORT care manager, Veronica Norman, LSW, and her Interim Home Health nurse Melissa Dobbins, RN. “I appreciate the help I get from PASSPORT and the staff at Interim, who help me with my house cleaning, laundry, personal care and meals,” said Evelyn.
Interim nurse Melissa Dobbins added that it’s Evelyn who she admires.
“I admire her spunk. Being a home health nurse is a blessing and a gift because you get to serve people like her.” Melissa noted that there’s a real shortage in home health aides and she encourages people that the job give you more than just a paycheck. “It’s a real pleasure to serve our neighbors and you always make new friends,” she added.
Anyone interested in learning more should request a free in-home consultation and details on PASSPORT by calling AAA8 at 1-800-331-2644 or by visiting www.areaagency8.org. You can also find AAA8 on Facebook.
“PASSPORT is a support for individuals and for family caregivers,” said Veronica. “Eveyln is a tremendous PASSPORT client. She’s an advocate for herself, has a plan and meets every day with grit, good humor and the determination to remain in her own apartment.” Her family is also very supportive. Evelyn has two sons, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
The Area Agency on Aging 8 has certified specialists in information and assistance ready to help caregivers and families connect to services whether it’s PASSPORT or other community options. Call 1-800-331-2644, today.


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