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Seniors Transition with Home Choice Program

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
by Gwynn Stewart

Shown below: Marietta resident Joe Johnson agrees that there’s no place like home.Through support from Ohio’s Home Choice program through the Area Agency on Aging 8, he was able to move to an apartment from after a 10-month stay in a nursing facility. Shown with Joe is Kara Wright, LSW of AAA8.


Marietta resident Joe Johnson is settled in his new apartment and very glad to call it home. He spent about ten months in a Marietta-area nursing home and was able to finally return to a community-based setting through a program called Home Choice.

Administered locally through The Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging, District 8 (AAA8), Home Choice provided Joe with the resources and support to get his own home.

“When you are in a nursing home they keep all of your income but $50 a month,” said Joe. ”That makes it really hard to save for first and last-month’s rent and the deposits you need to get back in your own place. If it wasn’t for the staff at the agency, I wouldn’t have known how to do it on my own.”

Finding his home as a resident of the Mar-Ren Manor Apartments, Joe now enjoys his privacy and the freedom to come and go on his own. As a double-amputee, there were some in the long-term care network who doubted that Joe could live alone.

“He is doing great here,” said Kara Wright, LSW, the pre-transition case manager with the Area Agency on Aging 8 who helps direct individuals like Joe to the Home Choice program. “He has great family support with help from his brothers, he drives and he gets along very well.” Kara added that he also gets support from the PASSPORT program with home-delivered meals, personal care services and support with his medications.

Once individuals are in long-term care facilities, it is difficult for them to move back into the community because they usually do not have homes or access to other services and supports necessary for daily living. Transition coordination will help them plan and arrange for services and supports they will need while relocating from an institution to a community.

“Transition coordination is the unique aspect of this program. Through it, the Area Agency on Aging can help give people greater control and connect them to essential community services such as locating housing, setting up a household and more as they transition,” said Kim Flanigan, Director of the AAA8 Long-Term Care Ombudsman program responsible for Home Choice.

“I was pleased to help Joe find an apartment, make the necessary arrangements for his move home that even included shopping for furniture, household items and arranging his enrollment into PASSPORT for supportive services, as well as getting his blood sugar monitoring supplies.”

Home Choice assists 60+ and people of any age with disabilities who wish to move from long-term care facilities to qualified home and community settings. To learn more about Home Choice, call AAA8 at 1-800-331-2644.


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