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Services and Programs

SE Ohio Aging And Disability Resource Network

2013 Impact Report




•Meeting Archives:

•Statewide Initiatives/Projects:



Respite Subcommittee Meeting

April 3 Minutes

Respite Subcommittee flyer.pdf 

1400 Pike Street, Marietta

Bridge Line:  Phone Number: (877) 336-1828 Access Code: 6554346


SE Ohio ADRN Respite Subcommittee Overview

PowerPoint 4-3-12

"Caring to Help Others" Volunteer Network Draft Plan

Regional Respite Summit Registration Survey

"Caring to Help Others" Volunteer Fact Sheet

Statewide Initiatives/Projects:

Civic Engagement Initiative

The Ohio Department of Aging's Civic Engagement Initiative expands the focus of lifelong learning and volunteerism as tools for increasing job readiness among adults age 50-plus.

Our goals include:

  • Ensuring that Ohio's older workers have skills and credentials that are aligned with employer needs 
  • Connecting older adults with diverse skills to volunteer opportunities throughout Ohio to help build their communities and their resumes;
  • Providing educational opportunities that both enrich the lives of older adults and offer opportunities for career growth; and
  • Providing tools to local organizations to assist with their efforts to increase civic engagement.


CEI Kickoff- Synopsis.pdf

Lifespan Respite Initiative

The Department of Aging is working with the Ohio Family Children First Council and the newly formed Ohio Respite Coalition to enhance respite services across Ohio. Lifespan respite care programs are coordinated systems of accessible, community-based respite care services for family caregivers of children or adults with special needs. For more information, on lifespan respite and caregiver support programs visit www.caregiver.org and www.archrespite.org.




SE Ohio ADRN Brochure

2012 Impact Report 

SE Ohio ADRN Partner Point of Contact List   UPDATED 2-2-12

Information and Referral - Point of Contact Survey    

SE Ohio ADRN Intake and Referral Form - NEW

February 2012 Newsletter

November 2011 Newsletter

Southeast Ohio Aging & Disability Resource Network Formalizes Co-operative

July 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Newsletter


Meeting Archives:

February 28, 2012

Agenda - February 28, 2012

PP Handout - February 28, 2012 

Categorized Survey Responses

Southern Ohio Care Transitions Project


November 15, 2011 Meeting

Agenda - November 15, 2011 


November 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Seed Grant Application - Ohio Cooperative Development Center

Facilitating a Productive Advisory Committee "Engaging Advisory Committees to Provide Effective and Meaningful Input and Direction"   ADRC Technical Assistance Exchange 

October 13, 2011 Meeting

October 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes

SE Ohio ADRN Member Responses to Key Bylaw Development Questions 

October 13, 2011 Agenda

Application for Articles of Incorporation.pdf 


September 15, 2011 Meeting

Agenda September 15, 2011

PP Presentation SE Ohio ADRN Meeting September 15 2011.pdf

Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2011


Oct. Questionnaire Responses

November 18, 2010  ADRN Meeting Minutes 

SE Ohio ADRN News

January 20, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting Minutes

   Reference Materials and Resources

March 17, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting Minutes

   Attachment A - Constant Contact Survey Results

   Attachment B - Network of Care Personal Health Record

   Attachment C - Network of Care Call Center

   Attachment D - ADRN Referral Grid

   Attachment E - Draft Memorandum of Understanding

SE Ohio ADRN Progress Report submitted 4-8-11

April 21, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting

   Agenda - April 21, 2011

   Constant Contact Survey Results Exercise

   ADRN Intake and Referral Form Exercise

   Meeting Minutes - April 21, 2011

   Attachment A - Ranked Constant Contact Survey Results

   Attachment B - Ranked ADRN Intake and Referral Data

May 19, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting

   Time:  9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

   Location:  Buckeye Hills/AAA8 - 1400 Pike Street, Marietta, OH

   Agenda - May 19, 2011

   ADRC Technical Assistance Exchange - Fully Functioning ADRC Criteria

   SE Ohio ADRN Logic Model Exercise  

June 16, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting - NOTE Location Change!

   Time:  9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

   Location:  Athens County Jobs & Family Services County Home

                  Conference Room - 13183 State Route 13, Millfield, OH

   Agenda - June 16, 2011

   AAA8 Disability Data

   Ohio's Health Information Exchange


July 21, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting - Cancelled

August 18, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting

   Agenda -  August 18, 2011

   August 18 PP Presentation

   August 18, 2011 Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting

   Time:  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

   Location:  Buckeye Hills/AAA8 - 1400 Pike Street, Marietta, OH

   Agenda - September 15, 2011

October 13, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting

November 15, 2011 SE Ohio ADRN Meeting 

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